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Court Side Table

Each unit can be custom ordered as a stand-alone scoreboard, TL Vision scoreboard, TL Vision display, rear-illuminated sign, or non-illuminated sign. Combine CST units and link them end-to-end to create a custom display specific to your sports event.

The units provide a high-performance LED display in a sturdy steel frame optimized for reduced weight to allow the systems to be easily stored, moved and set up.

TL Vision Court Side LED Displays are available in 8- and 10-foot configurations with 4mm or 10mm pitches with pixel counts ranging from 64×224 pixels to 180×720 pixels depending on their length and pitch selection. To provide customers with even greater flexibility, each modular unit can be custom-ordered as a stand-alone scoreboard, TL Vision scoreboard, TL Vision display, rear-illuminated sign or non-illuminated sign. Multiple units can be connected end-to-end to create LED displays tailored to specific events.

Additional features of the new TL Vision Court Side LED Displays include an adjustable display angle of 0 or 3 degrees; six casters for even weight distribution and ease of mobility; and an internal cable tray to hide and protect cables and wires. Rather than requiring equipment to be stacked on the table top or within a separate rack unit, TL Vision Court Side LED Displays incorporate rack-mount space that is hidden from view to reduce clutter and protect equipment.

The folding table tops incorporated into the TL Vision Court Side LED Displays are designed to avoid damage during setup and maximize storage space. To provide safety the unit features padded tops and ends, which can be easily removed to access the cable tray, display angle, and alignment.

A number of professional and Division I college basketball teams have already implemented TL Vision Court Side LED Displays in their arenas.


Model:   CST-1600  CST-0804 CST-0810 CST-1004 CST-1010
Basic Length: 7.7′ Long 8′ Long 8′ Long 10′ Long 10′ Long
Length w/o End Pads: 88 3/16″ 94 1/2″ 88 3/16″ 113 3/8″ 113 3/8″
Length w/ End Pads: 93 3/16″ 99 1/2″ 92 13/16″ 118 3/8″ 118″
TL Vision Pixel Pitch: Basketball
4 mm 10 mm 4 mm 10 mm
TL Vision Resolution: 180 x 600 pixels 64 x 224 pixels 180 x 720 pixels 64 x 288 pixels
Display Size HxW: 28.38″ x 94.50″ 25.20″ x 88.19″ 28.38€ x 113.38″  25.20″ x 113.39″
Power Consumption: 92 Watts 990 Watts 326 Watts 1188 Watts 419 Watts
300 lbs 470 lbs 372 lbs 550 lbs 465 lbs
Height: 39 9/16″
Depth: 39 5/16″ 39 3/8″  – both with 18″ folding table top
Main Power Input: 120VAC, 60 Hz, 1 Phase or 208Y/120VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Phase