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MP-73 Control

Multiple sport wireless controller, which features improved reliability and substantially better operating range than the competition’s standard of 1,000 feet. MP-73 has been tested at a range of 1,500 feet for outdoor use and 500 feet indoors. All sports control radios feature a 900 MHz operating speed and 16-channel selection. The MP-73 utilizes Fair-Play’s revolutionary frequency hopping method, which enhances immunity to radio interference.

This control stores up to six (6) sport/scoreboard configurations for ease of operation and flexibility. Jumping clock feature allows 1/10th of a second to be displayed on scoreboards in the last minute of a game.. In the last minute of the game the seconds “jump” to the left and 1/10th seconds display on the right. Easy-to-read, two-line LCD information display on the control showing time and other data by instant recall. Control has a memory circuit retaining game information in case of loss of power.

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