ProLine Display Software Control

ProLine is a powerful software program that controls electronic displays. ProLine is composed of modules that allow you to create, schedule, and quickly change the content of your display. Each module is focused toward a specific aspect of your display needs.

One of ProLine’s best features is the use of replaceables. These containers within your messages import live data from a 3rd party source. These could be stock quotes, scores, or even weather information.

If you are operating multiple signs, ProLine makes management simple with a tab interface so switching between signs is a breeze. With all that ProLine can do, you will be sure take advantage of all your advertising potential.

Message Editor allows you to create the message you want to display with a variety of transition effects and can even use still images or animated backgrounds for an additional pop. Message priority is a feature in which you specify which messages are more important so they will display sooner than others. ProLine supports virtually all of native window formats such as .gif, .jpg, .avi, and dozens of others. This allows you to import images, Message Editor animations, and video that you already possess into ProLine and display it with ease. Display and edit messages simultaneously.

-Animate at rates of up to 30 frames per second.
-Divide frames into separate layers for ease of drawing and text manipulation.
-Draw with standard tools including: pencil, eraser, line, circle, square, paint can, color selector, cut, copy, paste, fetch, invert, fill, combine, clear, mirror, rotate, move, shadow.
-Import BMP, JPG, GIF, AVI and other computer animation file formats.
-Use any Windows font or custom Raster fonts.
-Center messages and graphics automatically.
-Apply multiple entry, hold and exit display modes (including: copy on, static, hold, push, travel, slide, flash, fade, blank and two versions of spell). Modes can move in eight directions and be applied to a single frame or to various layers of the same frame.
-Preview messages.

ProLine lets you schedule messages in advance, allowing your system to operate unattended. The Schedule Editor makes it easy to add messages to a schedule or event, arrange them in the order desired, and specify the time at which they are appropriate to display. The Schedule Editor window is organized with a menu bar, a toolbar, a tab for each sign and/or zone, and a schedule list. The schedule list shows all the messages that are in a specific schedule as well as the valid dates and times for each message. You can create new schedules and events, save and print schedules, and preview or run schedules. Want to show sponsor advertising during time-outs? Run player statistics coinciding with the game batting order? Time your messages to achieve maximum impact using ProLine’s Schedule Editor. Schedule Editor plays messages based on criteria you set, such as time, day and date. Use Schedule Editor to coordinate multiple sports schedules and program messages up to a month in advance. Schedule Editor also controls multiple displays with a single interface. Switching between signs is as easy as pressing a button. No need to convert native Windows® file formats—simply drag and drop fi les into the messages you’ve created in Message Editor and you are off and running. It also virtually automates time-out, pre-game and post-game content.

Interactive Commander is a powerful tool that gives you immediate control of what plays on your signs. It is especially useful for sporting, entertainment, and other events that require real-time content control. For example, a sign operator at a football game might use Interactive Commander to interrupt an advertising schedule with a message announcing a touchdown. When you’re creating and sending messages on the fly, ProLine’s Interactive Commander sets the pace. Categories within Interactive Commander make it easy for you to quickly access a library of resources such as logos, advertising copy or messages. Set priorities for each element with ProLine’s unique chili pepper system to ensure the most urgent messages display first. And when speed is critical, keyboard shortcuts help you work even faster. Quickly send messages to multiple displays with a single keystroke. Switching between multiple signs is a snap with Interactive Commander’s intuitive tab interface.

ProLine’s Sign Viewer allows you to monitor the contents of a sign or zone at any time. You can open multiple instances of Sign Viewer to monitor more than one sign or zone at a time. The Sign Viewer also allows you to set all dimming options for your display system. You can still check your messages even without a direct line of sight to your sports message center. For example, you may need to change schedules or play a message interactively, monitoring the sign from your ProLine controller allows you to verify that the changes have been made. Displaying everything that goes to your sign, Sign Viewer is your window to the end-zone. Sign Viewer allows you to view the message queue and the name of the current schedule, if one is running. You can blank the sign and zone, suspend, resume, or clear the queue(s), skip to the next message in the queue(s), or specify what happens when the queue(s) is empty.

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