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ISEwrite Display Software Control

ISEwrite is a Windows® software application for use with single and double-line monochrome text displays. ISEwrite allows you to quickly create and display text messages on your sign from your desktop. You can also enhance or emphasize your text messages with graphic images included with the program.

The software allows you to schedule messages to play continually or only at certain times and on certain days. The schedule may be sent to the sign via either a dial-up or a direct data connection. ISEwrite is user-friendly and easy to learn and control. Since ISEwrite does not require a dedicated computer, you can still use your personal computer for your daily business needs.

Software Features

  • User-friendly operation
  • Pull down menus
  • Automatic text adjustment
  • 144 pictorials
  • Interesting display modes selectable by frame
  • Hold times selectable by frame
  • Advance scheduling capability, allowing the sign to operate unattended
  • Current time and temperature display capability
  • Dedicated computer is not required
  • Adjustable sign brightness
  • Customizable for sign dealers or other special builds for re-branding
  • Displays 6,000 pixels with a maximum height of 128 rows or 248 columns
  • Ability to include both upper and lower case letters on the same line

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