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Epic Remote Display Software Control

Epic Remote — For COMMERCIAL applications suitable for remote playback of messages, playlists, and schedules. Not recommended for live videos.

Epic Remote System is an asynchronous and centralized software and hardware system for digital sign content creation, editing, programming, management, transmission, playback, monitoring and remote control for the TL Vision LED display. It consists of the following main components:

  • Epic PC – this computer is normally supplied by Trans‐Lux contains the following programs:
    PlutoManager – software for content creation, editing, programming, management, transmission and remote monitoring of digital sign content for and to the Control Card for remote display on the TL Vision sign. This program has flexible network structure, so that it can be easily deployed in the local area network and wide area network, supports the server‐free, single‐server, and multi‐server architectures, and suits different scale projects under different situations. The NovaCloud software is required when a server is available. For details, see related materials about NovaCloud.
    NovaLCT‐Pluto ‐ display configuration software which mainly controls the TL Vision display’s smart setting, performance parameter setting, brightness adjustment and calibration, to achieve the best performance.
    Network Card – required for TCP/IP connections.
  • TCP/IP via LAN ‐ all communication uses TCP/IP via LAN and can be set up using a standalone direct wired, network direct wired, standalone wireless, or network wireless.
  • TL Vision – full color video display.
    Control Card – the remote control card (PSD100 or PBOX100) located in the TL Vision display receives and stores the digital files created by PlutoManager via the network connection; and then displays them on the TL Vision.

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