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TL Vision LED Displays Welcome the World to the Iowa State Fair

Trans-Lux’s Des Moines Manufacturing Facility Delivers 16mm LED Displays 

Norwalk, CT (August 6, 2013) – Trans-Lux Corporation (TLNX) today announced that two of its TL Vision 16mm LED large screen outdoor displays will be installed as permanent fixtures at the famous Iowa State Fair. Trans-Lux’s manufacturing facilities for its TL Vision and Fair-Play branded LED displays are located in Des Moines, Iowa, about a mile from the Fairgrounds.

“The installation of these two TL Vision LED displays is of particular significance to us because of our company’s and employees’ pride in the Iowa State Fair,” said J. M. Allain, President and CEO of Trans-Lux Corporation. “The value we place on our involvement resonates in the quality of the TL Vision LED displays that will be seen by local residents who know us and visitors from all over the world.”

The full color LED displays measure approximately 24 feet wide by 14 feet high and will be used to attract, inform and entertain visitors. A high resolution pixel pitch of 16mm along with a brightness level of 6,000 nits and a viewing angle of 140° horizontal by 70° vertical ensure the displays’ vivid images and text can be seen in virtually any lighting conditions from wide viewing angles.

Located at University and 30th Street, and at University and 33rd Street, the TL Vision 16mm LED displays deliver outstanding image quality, resolution and color reproduction. The LEDs are rated to supply up to 100,000 hours of performance and are easily maintained and serviced at a fraction of the cost of comparable incandescent signs. Interchangeable panels can be conveniently replaced onsite.

Considered America’s classic state fair, the Iowa State Fair has been popularized in movies and song. The grounds are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, the Fair annually attracts more than one million visitors and the Fairgrounds facilities host more than 200 events during the Fair’s off-season.

“Our technology objective with the LED large screen displays is to provide an experience to our visitors that match the reputation of the Fair,” said Gary Slater, Fair CEO/Manager. “We have met that objective with the Trans-Lux displays and the value added is that we have been able to support a local manufacturer who shares our commitment to the great State of Iowa and the greatest fair in the nation.”